Services & Policies - Spring 2007

Update from the Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence has had an extremely productive fall term.  An equally rigorous program has been planned for the spring term. Teaching Advancement presentations on the following topics will be offered:  Developmental Use of Course Evaluations; Service Opportunities for New Faculty: Options within the University and in the Community; Concept Mapping: Powerful as a Cognitive and Assessment Tool; Getting to What Matters Most in Teaching and Learning; Promoting Deeper Learning Through Active Learning; What To Do With Those Electronic Pictures? The Magic of Compression; Project Portfolios: Enhancing Student Learning Through Portfolio Work; and Working with Students Diagnosed With Attention Deficit Disorder.
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The Faculty Liaisons to the CTLE for the fall of 2006 were Prof. Betsey Moylan (Library) and Dr. Anthony Ferzola (Mathematics). They gave a number of presentations both in the Faculty Advancement series and for the First-Year Faculty Mentorship Program. They also conducted a number of classroom observations at the request of faculty members.
The Faculty Liaisons to the CTLE for the spring of 2007 will be Dr. Marian Farrell (Nursing) and Dr. Anthony Ferzola (Mathematics).
An appreciation dinner for part-time faculty was held on January 18, 2007. Dr. Michael Costello (Health Administration and Human Resources and Moses Taylor Hospital) was the featured guest speaker.
The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at the University of Scranton and the Center for Students with Disabilities at Marywood University were the recipients of an internal Collaborative Grant in the amount of $10,000.00 to further teaching effectiveness in the classroom and study student perception of hurdles to learning and their remedies. The faculty members participating in this project are: Dr. Anthony Ferzola (Mathematics), Dr. Dona Bauman (Education), and Dr. Lori Bruch (Counseling and Human Resources). In preparation for this project, the CTLE sponsored a workshop open to all faculty and staff onUniversal Design in Learning on December 1, 2006. The presenters were: Dr. Edith Miller and Dr. Julianne Albiero Walton both from East Stroudsburg University.
Weingberg Memorial LibraryThe CTLE continues to improve access to learning through its expansion of Assistive Technology. The newest piece of equipment we have been able to acquire through special University funding is a reading device for individuals with vision impairment. This device, called MyReader, allows students with restricted vision and other learning impediments to electronically explore any document through a number of options such as increasing font, automatic scrolling, and various color combinations. Common to all the equipment purchased by the CTLE is the goal to allow students with special needs as much independence as possible by allowing them to provide for themselves the access to learning they need without outside help.
André Oberlé, Director, CTLE