Information Update - Spring 2007

Pre-College Students Enriched by "Success"

The University of Success is a pre-college program designed to provide academic, social, and cultural enrichment to middle and high school students. The ultimate goal of this program is to assist participating students to successfully complete high school and gain entrance into a college or university.
Success students have participated in a variety of interesting enrichment programs this fall. September's program included both a field trip and a tour. The field trip was to the site of a mine fire in Olyphant hosted by Mr. John Mack, an engineer with the Office of Surface Mining. The tour was of the WUSR radio and TV studios conducted by Program Director Alex Rocha and Station Manager Matthew Cohen. At the radio station, students learned how a radio program is produced and some of them had the opportunity to play the role of DJ. The tour of the TV studio was totally interactive with everyone assuming a role in the production of a 20 minute news show.
Academics were the focus of the October program. Older students participated in mini-SAT prep classes taught by local high school teachers Jill Oliver and Joyce Salvo. They also got some pointers on writing the college essay from Dr. Joe Kraus, Assistant Professor in the English Department. Students in eighth and ninth grades pick up some pointers on study skills from Chris Chichura, reading teacher at the Clear Run Intermediate School and learned about career options from Betty Rozelle, Assistant Director of Career Services. William Burke, Director Financial Aid, conducted a session for parents entitled, "A College Education Is Within Reach."
November featured a program on health and wellness presented by Cathy Lovecchio, Assistant Professor in the Nursing Department, and a lecture on learning skills vs. learning theory given by Dr. Len Tischler, Associate Professor in the Management-Marketing Department. Students also wrote letters to the author of one of their favorite books for submission to the "Letters About Literature" competition.
The final program for the fall 2006 semester, held in December, consisted of a rotation between four different scientific sessions. In one session, Psychology Professor Dr. Tim Cannon informed students about the local Brain Bee, a competition that tests the neuroscience knowledge of high school students using the live question and answer method. The Bee was held February 10, 2007 on the University’s campus, and Success students attended. A second session by Dr. Robert Waldeck, Assistant Professor in the Biology Department, provided instruction about the nervous system that included an activity in which students measured their reflexes. Sessions three and four covered the topics of magnetism and the economics of wind power. These were taught respectively by Dr. Declan Mulhall, Assistant Professor in the Physics Department and Dr. Anthony Ferzola, Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department.
Photos of some of these activities can be found on the Success Web site located at Click on the "Programs" link and then select the program that you want to view.
If you would like to volunteer to provide a Saturday program or if you know someone who would like to receive an application, contact Bonnie Oldham by phone at 941-4000 or send an e-mail to
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