Information Update - Spring 2007

Show Me the Money: Grant Writing for Libraries

Show Me the Money: Grant Writing for Libraries, the annual fall workshop conducted by the Northeastern Library Network (NPLN) was held on Thursday afternoon, December 7, 2006 at the Mill Memorial Public Library in Nanticoke. Thomas Clareson, Librarian and Program Director for New Initiatives at PALINET gave an informative interactive session on grant writing, focusing primarily on funding for digitization projects. Much of the grant money currently available for libraries is connected to digitization of library and archival materials. Tom Clareson leads PALINET's digital collections creation and management services, preservation services, and consulting activities; he is responsible for establishing new services and funding sources, grant writing, and outreach to the museum and historical society communities.  
Mr. Clareson stressed that government funds via state and federal agencies are not the only game in town, that money is available through foundations and corporations. His presentation went from the general to the specific itemizing a breakdown of individual agencies and sources for money. Once an appropriate grant source is chosen the actual process begins. The workshop session continued with a walk though the writing of a proposal including the various elements and some very practical do's and don'ts in the process. Mr. Clareson concluded the session by allowing participants to propose a project real or imagined. He and the group then collaboratively brainstormed solutions and ideas as a first step in the grant writing process. One of the key concepts that Mr. Clareson stressed is that grant writing takes a team and is a collaborative process.
Clara Hudson