Information Update - Spring 2007

Interconnections among Library Resources

In addition to its efforts on Single-Sign-On and redesign of web pages, Library Systems staff are also working with Systems and Software Resources (SSR) on three other projects.  The first of these is the migration of the Library's Innovative test and production servers to new platforms. This move is necessitated by an upcoming release of Innovative Interface Inc. (III) software that cannot be supported on the current servers. Further, the Library is a beta development partner with III on two new projects which will require these new servers.
Currently, if a user searches the Library's catalog, records include a link to "WebBridge." WebBridge was intended to use a filter to pass key elements of the search to related resources. Programming these filters to work as intended was cumbersome and inconsistent. A new product, Pathfinder Pro, is in development to create the correct logical links among resources. A second product, Research Pro is in development to replace MetaFind, a static chart of resources that now exists on the Library's pages. Research Pro enables a "federated search." In federated searching users may target all databases, a category of databases or selected databases to conduct simple searches across resources. The development process will begin during Spring 2007 with release of the final product depending on these two innovations' successful execution of searching.
The Weinberg Memorial Library is one of only a few Innovative customers to simultaneously undertake these ambitious projects.
Bonnie Strohl