Events & Exhibits - Spring 2007

New Rare Book Acquisitions

The Hill-Davis Jesuit Rare Book Collection has grown recently with the acquisition of Martin du Cygen, S.J., Fons eloquentiae studiosae juventuti patens: sive Explanatio rhetoricae, which is a study of Cicero's Rhetoric and Oratory. The book published in Cologne in 1706 and retains its original binding with gilt ornament. We have also purchased Petrus Canisius, S.J. Summa doctrinae Christiana published in 1580 b Christopher Plantin in Antwerp. St. Petrus Canisius (1521-97), was a highly respective Dutch theologian and preacher who actively proselytized in Lutheran Europe. His compilation of Christian doctrine was highly respected and often reprinted. This pocket edition has elaborately tooled and embossed pigskin binding. The Weinberg Library wishes to thank the Jesuit Community for its support of the Hill-Davis Collection.