Events & Exhibits - Spring 2007

Information Literacy Grants Awarded

Charles Kratz, Dean of the Library and Information Fluency announced in October 2006 that the third annual grants of $500 were now available to faculty interested in working with the Reference Librarians on integrating the ACRL Information Literacy Standards into their courses. Five competitive grant proposals were available. The Library Advisory Committee’s Information Literacy Sub-committee consisting of Tracy Collins (Physical Therapy Department), Dr. Christina Gschwandtner (Philosophy Department), Bonnie Oldham (Library) and Katie Duke (Library) reviewed the submitted proposals and the following were selected:
Rita P. Fleming Cottrell, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy 493 - Research Methods in Occupational Therapy. Bonnie Oldham, Consulting Librarian.
This proposal seeks to develop core information literacy competencies in this senior level occupational therapy course recognizing that there is an increased market demand for occupational therapy practitioners who are fluent in information literacy.
Tim Hobbs, Associate Professor, Education Department, Bookends: Information Literacy for Entering and Exiting Special Educators. Bonnie Strohl, Consulting Librarian.
The purpose of this training program will be to enhance the information literacy skills of students in the special education teacher's program beginning with identifying the needed core competencies for first year students.
Robert A. Spalletta, Professor, Physics Department, NSCI 208-"Science of the Day." Katie Duke, Consulting Librarian.
This proposal seeks to help students increase their ability to find science information online using either public or University sites and providing them with tools to assess the quality of the information obtained.

Abstracts of the accepted proposals are located at this URL address.

At the end of each project, written reports will be made available and posted at the same site.
Katie Duke