Services & Policies - Spring 2006

E-ZBorrow For Borrowing Books From Other Libraries

E-ZBorrow ButtonStaples ® has its Easy Buttonsm , but the Weinberg Memorial Library has an E-ZBorrow button! This button can be found on the library’s home page,, on the Online Public Catalog page, as well as many other pages on the Library’s Web site.
E-ZBorrow is a sort of self-service Interlibrary Loan. It is a quick and easy way for University faculty, students, and staff to request a book directly from the library that owns it. The borrowing process is faster because it doesn’t go through the Interlibrary Loan Department at either library. E-ZBorrow even allows you to borrow a book that the Weinberg Library owns, but that is checked out, something that you can’t do with traditional Interlibrary Loan. Requested books are sent via United Parcel Service directly to the Weinberg Library. Because it uses a Web-based interface, the E-ZBorrow service is available 24/7. It is made possible through the Weinberg Library’s membership in PALCI, an acronym for Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. Although, as the name implies, the consortium consists of Pennsylvania libraries (56 of them), four out-of-state libraries are also members—two in New Jersey and two in West Virginia. PALCI’s mission is to spur the development of library cooperation in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. The primary method of this cooperation is loaning books to patrons at member libraries via E-ZBorrow.
If you wish to request a book through E-ZBorrow, clicking on the E-ZBorrow button will take you to the PALCI Login page. To login, enter your Patron ID (your Royal number). Search PALCI’s virtual catalog for the book that you want to borrow, and then select it from the list displayed. Click on the Request Button, verify your identity, and then submit your request. Be sure to record the confirmation number in case you need to contact a library staff member about your request. Four to five business days later, you will receive an e-mail to let you know when your book has arrived. You can borrow the book for 30 days. When you pick up your book at the Circulation Desk, you’ll surely say, “Now, that was easy!”
If you have any questions about E-ZBorrow, contact one of the Reference Librarians. The Reference Desk is located on the second floor of the library. You can also call the Reference Desk at 941-4000, or send an e-mail to
For a complete list of participating libraries and more information about PALCI, point your browser to

Bonnie Oldham