Information Update - Spring 2006

Everything's Connected: Almost! Article Linker

When a citation or abstract to an appropriate journal article is located while searching an electronic index, such as ScienceDirect or MLA International Bibliography, that you would like to obtain in full-text for your research, Article Linker is the means for a fast and efficient search of all available library journal holdings. Serials Solutions Article Linker is an OpenURL tool which allows the user, with just a few clicks, access to the print holdings information or a link path to the full-text electronic access of subscription journals available through the Weinberg Memorial Library. Once a citation or reference to a desired article is located in one of the searchable subscription electronic indexes/databases available on the Library’s website, Article Linker provides the best available path to the content: full-text in another electronic resource or the location and range of dates available of the print or microform holdings in the library via a link to the library catalog. The library databases and indexes come in a mix of citation/abstract and full-text search capability. They are subject and keyword searchable to help you locate relevant citation information; Article Linker will locate the full-text when available through library subscription. The Weinberg Library subscribes to over 15,000 journals of which just a little over 1,600 are in print format in the building. Certain articles will only be available in print; others will link directly to the article; still others to the electronic journal holdings list in the appropriate database as if on an electronic shelf, and the occasional few only to the database where you can recreate the search using the original citation information.
A citation includes the article title, journal title, publication date, author and other identifying information which in library jargon would be described as Metadata. When you click on the Article Linker icon or link, Article Linker icon the metadata is used to search the library catalog and subscription electronic databases to locate the holdings of the desired item. Once the Article Linker search is completed the result opens in a new (pop-up) browser window (so you don't loose the original search page) indicating access via the Weinberg Memorial Library's journal holdings by format and date range, and print or electronic access.
Note that the icon and/or link may vary from database to database and is located in the individual article citation/abstracts. The Article Linker icon will not be present in a full-text version of an article in a particular database; if you wish to locate the item elsewhere for more detailed abstracts or an alternative formatting of the content use the link on the Library's main page for "List of Journals and Newspapers” to search all available holdings. Article Linker is an extension of the periodical search.
Unfortunately there will be occasions that Article Linker does not retrieve a result to the article in that of the millions of articles and journals indexed, the Weinberg Library can only supply a portion of the full-text via subscription access. Remember that by definition subscription means cost. There is always the option of Interlibary Loan which has a new beautifully linked system of desktop electronic delivery of articles, reducing the turn around time from request to reception of item.
So everything is connected, almost, a beautiful beginning to an interlinking world of information and resources.
Article Linker screen shot

Graphic illustration of how Article Linker may appear in a citation. The Article Linker button may have a different appearance database to database; look for a hyperlink instructing you to “check for full-text via Article Linker.”

Clara Hudson