Information Update - Spring 2006

Information Literacy Grants Awarded

On October 1, 2005, Charles Kratz, Dean of Library and Information Fluency announced that five stipends of $500 each would be available to faculty interested in working with one of the Reference Librarians on integrating information literacy skills into their course work during the 2005/2006 academic year. Applications were due December 1, 2005. However, instead of just funding five of the submitted proposals, Dean Kratz recommended that all of the stipend applications be funded. The committee, after reading and review the six applications, concurred. This is the second year the Weinberg Memorial Library has offered these grants. will lead to the 2004/2005 proposals and the reports on the results. On November 10, 2005, those who participated in the first round of stipends met as a panel to discuss their individual projects of integrating the information literacy skills into their courses. This was an open forum and was advertised in The Royal News. Faculty interested in applying for a stipend and who had questions were encouraged to attend.

The following stipend applications were reviewed and selected by the Library Advisory Sub-Committee on Information Literacy.

Dr. Satya P. Chattopadhyay. – Marketing 351: Introduction to Marketing. Betsey Moylan, Consulting Librarian.

Dr. Roy Domenico. – History 140: Craft of the Historian. Clara Hudson, Consulting Librarian.

Professor Terri Freeman Smith. – HRA 502: Human Resources Management. Clara Hudson, Consulting Librarian.

Dr. Linda Ledford-Miller – Spanish 312: Spanish Composition. Kevin Norris, Consulting Librarian.

Dr. A.C. Varonides. – Physics 101: The Solar System. Katie S. Duke, Consulting Librarian.

Dr. Loreen Wolfer. – Sociology 110: Introduction to Sociology. Clara Hudson, Consulting Librarian.

Abstracts of the 2005/2006 proposals will be posted on the Information Literacy page. Upon completion of the project a written report will also be made available on the same page.

Katie S. Duke