Events & Exhibits - Spring 2005

Royden D. Davis, S.J. Distinguished Author

The Royden D. Davis, S.J. Distinguished Author Award for 2005 will be presented to best-selling author James Grippando on September 17, 2005. On his webpage,, Atty. Grippando traces the formative influences on his writing. His earliest influence was his mother, Gloria Grippando, author of Nursing Perspectives and Issues, now in its sixth edition. With characteristic humor, he describes his childhood in rural Illinois: "We swam there in summer and ice skated there in winters. Bicycles were the preferred mode of transportation. Our Labrador retriever followed us everywhere, never a day in his life on a leash. It was a great place to grow up. Naturally, by the time I was eighteen,I couldn't wait to leave."
His latest novel is Hear No Evil, published in 2004.
Atty Grippando received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida.
His first job was a federal clerkship for the Honorable Judge Thomas A. Clark, United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta. He cites the dedication of Judge Clark as a balancing force to potential cynicism of trial lawyers. His experiences in this court of last resort for death row inmates in Florida and Georgia provided the premise of his first published novel. In humorous excerpts from his journals, Atty. Grippando describes his purchase of The Pardon:
"That's my book, you know," I told the sales clerk.
She looked at me quizzically. "Yes, it is once you've paid for it."
Readers describe Grippando's work as filled with unexpected twists, intelligent plots and well-drawn, minimally detailed characters. Readers can look for the publication of his tenth novel in January, 2006.
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