Information Update - Spring 2003

A Special Thanks to Our Newest Friends

We would like to thank the newest members of the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library for their contributions to our Library.
Mrs. Janice Anderson Ms. Shirley Kudalsky
Ms. Michelle L. Balut Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lynch
Mr. Peter Barone Ms. Barbara K. Lyons
Ms. Becky Bennett Mr. Richard Mayock
Ms. Melissa Bevacqua Mrs. Colleen Montgomery
Ms. Terry Bonifanti Atty. Robert W. Munley
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Buehler Mrs. William J. O’Hora
Mrs. Elizabeth Caucci Mr. Joseph Polansky
Mr. Damon Cawley Mr. Dominique J. Pouliot
Ms. Lindsay B. Conway Ms. Phyllis C. Reinhardt
Ms. Donna12 Cottone Mrs. Cynthia Sandone
Mr. John Dubik Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Schneider
Dr. & Mrs. William J. Farrell Ms. Marian Shambe
Mrs. Kristine Fell Ms. Elaine Shepard
Ms. Elaine Ferri Mr. Paul J. Trgovac
Jim & Amy Fleming Mr. Thomas P. Umile
Mr. & Mrs. L. Peter Frieder, Jr. Mr. Dennis Volkland
Mr. John Dubik Ms. Ann Voorhees
Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert Gavin Mr. Vincent Walker
Mrs. Adrienne Horger Mrs. Marie Wielebinski
Ms. Iris Johnston Ms. Allison Williams
Ms. Stacy M. Kaps Mr. Kerry C. Willis
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Keating Ms. Donna Wright
Ms. Sandy Kraft Mr. Robert Zeuner

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