Information Update - Spring 2003

Library Faculty Teach MIT Course

During the fall semester of 2002 the Library faculty taught E-Research: Information-Seeking Skills and Strategies. This 3-credit course was conducted through the Media and Information Technology department, a cross-disciplinary major. The class concentrated on the use of the Internet for research in a variety of fields, emphasizing online research techniques and effective online search strategies. Topics covered included the organization of information; evaluation and selection of databases; evaluation of information from web resources; online periodical databases; the use of search engines; and copyright and fair use issues. Electronic resources were explored in the fields of business, the humanities, the social sciences, medicine, the sciences, and government and law.
Kevin Norris, Reference Librarian, was the principal instructor for the course. Guest lecturers included Reference Librarians Katie Duke, Betsey Moylan, and Linda Neyer; Bonnie Strohl, Assistant Director for Public Services; and Abigail Byman, General Counsel for The University of Scranton.
Kevin Norris