Information Update - Spring 2002

From the Library Director

Another chapter in Weinberg Library automation is about to unfold with the recent merger of SIRSI and Data Research Associates (DRA). SIRSI completed the DRA acquisition in late August 2001. Details included that: (1) the company is now known as SIRSI; 2) it now has an integrated management team; and (3) its future technology strategy will focus on providing solutions for serving library users.
SIRSI plans to standardize its integrated library system (ILS)development efforts on the open, modular Unicorn® Library Management System. No additional development will take place on DRA TAOS, DRA's Integrated Library System. While no additional development will be done on Taos, SIRSI will incorporate concepts from Taos into future products.
SIRSI has made the decision to standardize on the Unicorn platform because: (1) Taos still requires significant development effort to complete base-level ILS functionality; and (2) Unicorn is already an industry-standard, comprehensive, and scalable system that provides full ILS functionality to all types and sizes of libraries around the world.
While SIRSI will continue to support current DRA Web2 and DRA Classic sites, the Weinberg Library will need to look toward migrating to a new integrated library system. While the SIRSI system is certainly a possibility, we need to take a closer look at what is available in the library automation marketplace before making a final decision.
I have asked the Library Advisory Committee to form an Automation Subcommittee to assist the Library in evaluating the lead integrated library systems available for academic libraries. We expect to schedule demos of these systems during the Spring semester.
This is a very exciting time for library technology. Please let us know if you would like to participate in the integrated library system demos. We would welcome your feedback.

Charles Kratz, Library Director