Information Update - Spring 2002

Is The Library Really Deserted?
The November 16, 2001 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education featured a cover story entitled "The Deserted Library." Scott Carlson, a staff reporter for the journal, gathered statistical data, conducted interviews, and provided much anecdota information to support his premise that fewer students are visiting the library buildings on their campuses for information retrieval, studying, or socializing. Instead, he argues, they are accessing much of their informational needs from desktop computers in their dorm rooms and homes, or from laptop computers from virtually anywhere on campus or off. > Full story
Increase Seen in Number "Ask The Librarian" Questions
Serving library users has become a priority in all academic libraries, and most have responded by offering some sort of "virtual" reference service. The Weinberg Memorial Library began its e-mail reference service, called "Ask A Librarian," in December, 2000. > Full story
University Building Web Page Available
Special Collections has launched a University Building Web page.  The page, located at, contains historical information concerning 38 campus buildings. > Full story