Research Tools - Spring 2001

EBSCO Online Provides Full-Text Journals

Visitors to the Library's Electronic Indexes web page may have not yet sampled a new entrée on the menu named EBSCO Online. For those who are curious, this database represents a somewhat new approach to the journal literature: it provides access to the electronic versions of print journals to which a library subscribes, if provided free by the publisher. The advantage of such an approach is that it eliminates the need to maintain multiple user identifications and passwords, and allows users to access some journal subscriptions off-campus - such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, JAMA, and New England Journal of Medicine.
In the case of our library 265 of the 1900+ journals to which we subscribe are currently accessible online from the publisher as part of our subscription. EBSCO Online provides access to these online journals either directly on their own website, or through a direct link to the publishers' websites.
Please note, however, that EBSCO Online is one of many databases developed by its parent company, EBSCO, and is not to be confused with EBSCO Host, another database similar in content to Infotrac.
Users may employ one of several approaches for seeking information. They may search for issues of a specific journal by selecting the link "JOURNALSearch;" they may perform a search on a particular topic by selecting "ARTICLESearch;" or they may view the entire list of journals by selecting "Browse." EBSCO Online also provides an e-mail alert system which will notify a user whenever a new issue is released of a selected journal.
The subject matter of the journals available online covers a wide range of disciplines, including art and drama: The Art Book, Art History, TDR: The Drama Review; education: Chronicle of Higher Education, Educational Administration; business: Business Week, Financial Market Trends, Journal of Consumer Research, International Journal of Human Resource Management; communication: Communication Research Quarterly, Howard Journal of Communication, Journal of Mass Media Ethics; literature: Victorian Literature and Culture, Yale Review; medicine: Bioethics, JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine; nursing and allied health: British Journal of Sports Medicine, Clinical Nursing Research, Geriatric Nursing, Journal of Nutrition, Physical Therapy; psychology: Human Performance, Mind; religion: First Things; science: American Journal of Physics, American Journal of Physiology, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; and sociology: American Journal of Sociology, British Journal of Sociology and Modern Asian Studies.
To search the database, click on "EBSCO Online" from the Electronic Indexes page. You must click through two pages to get to the search screen. First, at the picture of a globe, click on "Go;" next, at the page, "Terms and Conditions of Use," click on "I agree." You will be taken to the "Reader Home Page," where searching may commence.
To see if a particular journal is available, select "JOURNALSearch" and type in the title of the journal. (NOTE: Leave the options, "Viewable on EBSCO Online" and "Viewable on publisher's site" unchecked. The search will be limited to only those journal titles which our library subscribes to that are available online.)
Within JOURNALSearch, you may also explore what full-text journals in a particular subject area are available. Just type in your term, and check off the "Content Description" filed rather than the "title" field. For example, to see what nursing journals the library has online access to, type in "nursing" as a key work in the JOURNALSearch screen (selecting the "Content Description" field). There are 18 nursing journals which the library subscribes to that are available full-text online. By clicking on one of the titles, such as the Journal of Community Health Nursing, you can browse the issues online back to 1997.
Of course, you also have the option of doing a subject search by keyword. Just select the "ARTICLESearch" option and type in your search terms. If you do not want to limit your search to just those journals which are available full-text through EBSCO Online, you may search the entire database of 1,000,000+ citations by checking both options, "Viewable on EBSCO Online" and "Viewable on Publisher's Site." After all, the Library may have access to some of the journals cited through other online sources such as Expanded Academic (Infotrac) or Wilson Select (First Search).
Library users have yet another tool to manage the ever-expanding mass of information. For a demonstration or questions, either stop by the Reference Desk or call 941-4000.
Linda Neyer