Information Update - Spring 2001

NetLibrary Makes Ebooks Available
If you are searching the Weinberg Library’s OnLine Public Catalog and find a title you wish to retrieve, but are puzzled by the fact that the location code shows only a holdings note called “electronic text,” then you have accessed a title newest service called netLibrary. > Full story
Just Click on Us to Connect…Searching NPLN’s Virtual Online Catalog
On October 16th, NPLN (Northeastern Pennsylvania Library Network), officially launched its new website—located at and its new virtual online catalog. > Full story
Leahy Exhibition Catalog Available
Weinberg Memorial Library, the University Art Gallery, and the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library recently published A Modern Renaissance Library: 200 Selections from the Collection of Edward R. Leahy. > Full story
Upcoming Exhibits
Following is the schedule of upcoming exhibits at Weinberg Memorial Library.
The Northeast Chapter Celebrates 100 Years of the Pennsylvania Library Association - 19 February to 30 April
Scholarship Month: Faculty Publication Exhibit - 5 May to 2 June
Alumni Publication Exhibit - 5 June to 1 August
Ask a Librarian Arrives at the Library
Patrons increasingly want electronic access to the resources of the library whether the users are in the library or at a remote location. A new feature offered by the Library to fulfill this need is called "Ask a Librarian."> Full story
Columbia University Press Databases Now Available
Students, faculty, and staff at The University of Scranton now have access to three premier databases in the areas of literature, political science and international affairs, and the environment. > Full story
Survey of User Satisfaction with Library Services
This semester, the Weinberg Memorial Library will conduct its second survey of user satisfaction with library services and collections. The Library relies on this feedback to assess how well it is meeting the needs of users. > Full story
From the Library Director
How Will Library-Licensing Practices Change with UCITA?
In a UCITA (Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act) world, libraries will most likely encounter a variety of licensing situations, from the free-wheeling, highly negotiated contract to the more uniform standard form contract with terms varying according to the type of library or institution. > Full story
EBSCO Online Provides Full-Text Journals
Visitors to the Library's Electronic Indexes web page may have not yet sampled a new entrée on the menu named EBSCO Online. > Full story
PALCI Union Catalog Allows Direct Borrowing
On 29 January 2000, the Weinberg Memorial Library joined 22 other PALCI (Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc.) members in an initiative designed to improve reciprocal borrowing and resource sharing services among the leading academic libraries of Pennsylvania. > Full story
New Reference Books
Electronic Reserves Explained
There once was a time when the only thing a computer could do to help students with their schoolwork was to provide a calculator function and maybe some word processing. Today, someone could earn a college degree on-line and never leave the house. Somewhere in the middle, there are classes utilizing both the classroom and the Internet at the same time to help students learn. The use of Electronic Reserves is one of those ways. > Full story
Library to Celebrate Scholarship Month
The Weinberg Memorial Library will celebrate Scholarship Month at The University of Scranton during May 2001 with an exhibition of faculty publications in the Scranton Heritage Room. > Full story
Latest Leaves of Class Winners
A Special Thanks to Our Newest Friends
Staff Changes
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition