Information Update - Spring 2000

From The Library Director

I am very pleased to report that the first phase of the lighting upgrade in the Weinberg Memorial Library has been completed. It has already made an enormous difference to students and faculty working on the first and second floors of the Library. We look forward to the completion of the remainder of the building next summer.
The library of the future is upon as with the introduction of wireless technology in the Weinberg Library. With the start of the spring semester, students will now be able to borrow a laptop from the Circulation Desk and then roam in the third Floor stack areas using new wireless connections.
This project is a strategic action to maintain The University of Scranton on the leading edge of information technology. The system was designed to accommodate new ways in which library resources are accessed. Wireless access provides computer users with new freedom to access network resources at different locations of their choosing. It is planned to add other wireless locations within the Weinberg Library by the beginning of the 2001.2002 academic year.
A very special exhibition of elegant bookbinding, and illuminated manuscripts is on display at the Library through 30 April. "So Fairly Bound: Fine Twentieth-Century Bookbindings and Illuminated Manuscripts from the Edward R. Leahy Collection" opened with a reception on Tuesday, 8 February, from 7.9 p.m. in the Scranton Heritage Room on the fifth floor of the Library. Mr. Leahy discussed "Discovering Values through Book Collecting" at 7 p.m.
Mr. Leahy, a 1968 University alumnus and chair of the school's Board of Trustees. has been collecting rare books for more than 20 years. His collection includes material from the fifteenth through twentieth centuries.
The exhibit focuses on lavish early twentieth-century bindings produced mainly by two bookbinding firms in London, Riviere & Son and Sangorski & Sutcliffe. Riviere & Son specialized in bindings with embedded miniature paintings, a feature known as Cosway binding. The Leahy collection has a substantial number of hooks embellished with ivory paintings by Miss C. B. Currie, who was considered among the best at her craft. Work by other artists is also featured.
Illuminated manuscripts were the specialty of Sangorski & Sutcliffe. The books feature well-known works of literature handwritten and painted on parchment. Some were also hound in jeweled bindings.
A second exhibit of books from the Leahy collection will he displayed in the Scranton Heritage Room and in the University Art Gallery from 5 November 2000 through 14 February 2001. This exhibit will feature many first and early editions by prominent authors as well as a selection of children's literature.
Enjoy the exhibition!

Charles E. Kratz, Library Director