Events & Exhibits - Spring 2000

Leahy Rare Book Exhibit

The Weinberg Memorial Library is extremely pleased to be the host of two rare book exhibits drawn from the collection of Edward R. Leahy, chairman of the University Board of Trustees. Mr. Leahy has been collecting rare books for more than 20 years and has assembled an extraordinary collection of printed books from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries. The first exhibit will concentrate on lavish early twentieth-century bindings produced mainly by two bookbinding firms in London, Riviere & Son and Sangorski & Sutcliffe. Riviere & Son specialized in producing bookbinding's with embedded miniature paintings. This type of bookbinding became known as Cosway binding after an eighteenth-century miniature painter. The best twentieth-century miniature painter producing ivory paintings for bookbindings was Miss C. B. Currie. The Leahy collection has a substantial number of hooks embellished with paintings by Currie as well as some with works by other artists. Sangorski & Sutcliffe specialized in producing contemporary illuminated manuscripts. These hooks featured well-known works of literature handwritten and painted on parchment. Some of these books were also bound in jeweled bindings. Similar books by other binders will also be exhibited. The bindings are on exhibit in the Heritage Room through 30 April, 2000. A reception held in the Heritage Room Tuesday, 8 February featured a talk by Mr. Leahy titled "Discovering Values through Book Collecting."
Provost Richard H. Parson, Library Directory Charles E. Kratz, and Edward R. Leahy
A second exhibit featuring highlights from the Edward R. Leahy collection will be on display from 5 November, 2000, through 1.4 February, 2001. This exhibit will be shown in both the Heritage Room and in the University Art Gallery. This second, larger, exhibit will select some of the most beautiful and historically important hooks from the Leahy collection. Included in the exhibit will be incunabula (books created during the first 500 years of printing) including a copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle, one of the most elaborately illustrated books of the fifteenth century, first editions and early editions of major works of literature such as John Milton's Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, William Shakespeare's Second Folio, and works by Samuel Johnson, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Geoffrey Chaucer, and many others. The exhibit will included a small selection of Mr. Leahy's prestigious collection of children's literature including works by Beatrix Potter and A. A. Milne. The exhibit will also feature fine bindings from the fifteenth century to the present.
Edward R. Leahy delivering his lecture
Michael Knies