Green Team

The Weinberg Memorial Library Green Team

Mission Statement

To “Enhance our sense of community by demonstrating high standards of care for our physical environment,” and to “Promote a respect for knowledge and a lifelong commitment to learning, discernment and ethical decision making,” are two key components of the mission of The University of Scranton. As an integral constituent of the University, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library strives to meet these goals and to instill these ideals in our campus and local community.

The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library is unique to The University of Scranton in at least two ways: the Library is both an academic department and a frequently populated physical location on campus. As an academic department it is our duty to educate students in the mission and ideals of this Jesuit University. As a physical building and busy hub for students, staff, and faculty, the building and its constituents can physically enact the ethical mission of living a sustainable lifestyle.

The Library Green Team was formed in 2010 to lead the Weinberg Memorial Library faculty and staff toward accomplishing two major goals: to educate all Library users about the importance of sustainability, and to lead through example by cultivating an environment of sustainable practices in the Library.

Current News

Members of the Library's Green Team

Members of the Library's Green Team participated in a trail clean-up Saturday morning along their adopted section of the LHVA Heritage Trail. The team worked for two hours and made it through half the trail.  In that short amount of time, they succeeded in filling 9 bags of garbage, several bags of recycling, a pile of metal, and a tire! Their adopted section is the CNJ portion and runs from 7th Avenue, along the South Side Sports Complex, to Elm St.

The team will be maintaining the trail throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering to help clean-up a section of the trail, please contact Sheli McHugh at

You can visit our Flickr page for more pictures from Saturday!


The Green Team needs your help...if you see someone about to throw away a plastic bottle or a stack of office paper, please remind them to look for the recycling station instead of the trash can! Check out the library blog for more Green Team initiatives.


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