Distinguished Author Planning Committee

Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library,
2013 Distinguished Author Award Event Planning Committee

2013 Distinguished Author Committee:
Phyllis Reinhardt, Co-Chair
Gretchen A. Welby, Ph.D, Co-Chair

Charles E. Kratz, Dean of the Library & Information Fluency
Ann Moskovitz, President, Friends of the Weinberg Library

John Cacciamani, M.D. Mary E. McDonald
Donald J. Drasba John M. McInerney, Ph.D.
Barbara Evans Lisa Mekilo
Lois Farrell Betsey Moylan
Marian L. Farrell, Ph.D. Sondra Myers
Kym Balthazar Fetsko Betsey Moylan
Erika Funke Jane Oppenheim
Michael Goffer Eric Plummer
Frank X. J. Homer, Ph.D. Carl M. Schaffer
Annette B. Kalwaytis Bonnie F. Strohl
Violet R. Kelly Judith Weinberger
Jean Lenville Midori Yamanouchi-Rynn, Ph.D.
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition