The Abe L. Plotkin Collection

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Scope Content and Note

The Abe Plotkin Collection contains material and from the donor's United States Army experience in Germany during the last weeks of World War II and the ensuing months.  This material is primarily a small collection of photographs taken of the Ohrdruf Concentration camp and of Holocaust survivors a.k.a. displaced persons, and collection of correspondence to and from Plotkin concerning his experiences as the war was ending and after liberation of the camps.  Then Plotkin became involved with concentration camp survivors and attempted to provide aid and assistance to them. There are 42 photographs and 42 items of correspondence. Some of the material, while still related to the Holocaust, dates from the 1990s.

The majority of the collection, approximately 1.5 cubic feet, contains Plotkin's Holocaust awareness teaching materials from the 1980s-1990s.  Mr. Plotkin has been actively involved in teaching about the Holocaust and tolerance to grammar, high school, and college students.  Included in the collection are materials that he used in class in the form of mounted photographs, posters, and other visual aids as well as training materials that he acquired from various Holocaust teaching seminars.

After the war, Plotkin returned to Scranton where he worked in the shoe business.  He was also involved in the number of social service organizations including the Easter Seals (serving as president 1957-1960) and Allied Services for the Handicapped.  There is a limited amount of material related to these organizations.  There are three folders of material on Allied Services covering the period 1957-1961. There are six folders of material on the Easter Seals covering the period 1957-1997. Both sets of material contain correspondence, board minutes, program materials, and other documents.

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