The Abe L. Plotkin Collection

Series 1

Folder 1--WWII Correspondence
Item List

  1. March 20, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin. Comments about a German plant selling Fords and producing equipment used against Allied armies.
  2. April 13, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin. Copy of detailed letter sent to Tommy Connors about Plotkin's first exposure to a liberated concentration camp and an interview with a Polish Jewish survivor.
  3. April 18, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin. Letter relating the stories of concentration camp survivors including a 15 year old who was the sole survivor of a family of 9 and a thirtysomething year old Czech Jewish doctor. The letter also contains Plotkin's initial attempts and interest in providing aid to camp survivors.
  4. April 25, 1945, Louis Gardner???  To Plotkin. Letter to Plotkin thanking him for sending a letter announcing the survival of their cousin Israel Choleva. The letter also asks Plotkin additional questions about the survivor and requests him to provide information and help to the survivor.
  5. May 1, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin. Brief letter announcing Hitler's death.
  6. May 10, 1945, Rudolph Steiner to Abe Plotkin. Letter thanking Plotkin for providing information about Eric Lowry to the Riesz family and to Steiner.
  7. May 31, 1945 Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Auerbach. Plotkin relates story of Israel Choleva who had been freed from Buchenwald and mentions other survivors (some mentioned in the letter of April 18).  Comments concerning the rehabilitation of camp survivors, concerning the Jewish Distribution Committee, and how the survivors are being fed and separated into national groups.  Plotkin does not believe enough money can be raised to relieve the suffering of the refugees.  Comments about the "sob stories" the soldiers hear from Germans.
  8. July 10, 1945, Jewish Daily Forward to Abe Plotkin. Note stating that the newspaper has located the Lichtenstadt family.
  9. July 1945, Central Committee of the Liberated Jews in Bavaria, Munich.  Announcement of a July 25 meeting of Liberated  Jews to discuss their present status.
  10. July 28, 1945, Michael Eagen to Abe Plotkin. Judge Eagen sends a thank you note for a good luck medal Plotkin sent him.  Comments about the end of the war and postwar issues.
  11. July 29, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Lou Arenborg, Pullach outskirts of Munich.  Plotkin recounts visits to Germans who had some Jewish blood including Mr. Zimmerman for whom there was no record of his Jewish background because he was a bastard.  He served the rural police but stated that he tipped off the victims of the Nazis.  Plotkin also visited a home with a variety of Jewish and partial Jewish residents.  He makes assorted comments about displaced people and the first mention of UNRRA and other efforts to help the refugees.  There are also comments about bureaucratic problems and Plotkin's personal efforts to help displaced persons.  The black market is also mentioned.
  12. July 31, 1945 Fred Oppenheimer to Chaplain Herman Dicker.  A letter from Oppenheimer requesting the chaplain to provide assistance to Oppenheimer's mother who survived a concentration camp and has been located living in Munich.
  13. 1945, Women's Division American Jewish Congress: Report of the Clothing Committee for Overseas Relief Supplies.
  14. August 6, 1945, Frank Weil to Abe Plotkin.  Response to a Plotkin letter of 27 July informing Weil of his activities with displaced persons.  Weil informs Plotkin of the Jewish Welfare Board activities in attempting to provide relief packages to displaced persons camps.
  15. August 9, 1945, Jewish Daily Forward to Plotkin.  Note to Plotkin telling him that they have found the family of Rachmiel Schwarcman.
  16. August 11, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Pullach near Munich.  Opinions concerning the end of the war with Japan.  Plotkin expresses desire to work with UNRRA.  Comments about a meeting with Jews who were leaving for Palestine. Comments about a rabbi who spent a year with his wife and child hiding in the woods.  Comments about the JDC and its attempts to provide clothing for displaced persons.
  17. August 15, 1944, Chaplain Aryeh Lev to Plotkin.  Thank you note for the job that Plotkin is doing with displaced persons.
  18. August 31, 1945, I. Rozovsky to Plotkin.  Thank you note from Executive Director of American Federation for Lithuanian Jews for the work he does helping displaced persons.  Also acknowledgment of contacting the relative of a survivor.
  19. September 2, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Dachau.  Request for Chanukah packages for some Jewish children.  Comments concerning a visit to the local leaders of the Central Committee.  Remarks concerning General Eisenhower's activities to help displaced persons.  Comments about Jewish Koppus who were group leaders in concentration camps.  Some helped save lives of inmates but others try to win favor from the Nazis by treating other Jews severely.  Comments concerning problems with people who have remarried thinking that their original spouse had died but then discovering that the original spouse survived.
  20. September 4, 1945, congressman AJ Sabath (IL) to Plotkin.  Comments concerning Palestine.
  21. September 19, 1945 Melvin Goldstein American Joint Distribution Committee to Plotkin.  Thank You Note concerning the Reunion of Niusia and Michael Pressman.
  22. September 19, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Phil and Sarah, Bad Tolz. Plotkin now assigned to the MPs. Comments concerning an enclosed (but no longer present) article concerning displaced persons that he wants to see published in the United States.  Also note requesting five pound packages to be sent to displaced persons.
  23. September 23, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Bad Tolz. Comments concerning some displaced persons living locally, stories about treatments of Russians attempting to return to Russia after being in prison camps.  Comments concerning rationing.  Comments concerning Palestine.  Comments concerning officers showing anti-Semitism.
  24. September 25, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Bad Tolz. Comments on his work as an MP and possible timetable for going home.  Comments concerning a supper he attended.  Comments concerning Jewish relief operations.  Comments concerning problems that the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) organization is having conducting its work.  Comments concerning other restrictions on displaced persons movements.
  25. October 2, 1945 Basil O’Connor Chairman, American Red Cross To Abe Plotkin.  Response to a letter concerning  American Red Cross food packages distribution.
  26. October 11, 1945 C.M. Pierce Displaced Persons Division UNRRA to Abe Plotkin. Agrees with Plotkin's concerns over mail communication difficulties between displaced persons and the relatives.
  27. October 23, 1945 Celia Levitan Newman to Abe Plotkin.  Request for assistance in communicating with her cousin Chaim Denbrowsky in a displaced persons camp.
  28. October 25, 1945, congressman Samuel Dickstein (NY)  to Abe Plotkin.  Thank you note for supplying information.
  29. October 28, 1945 Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Rottach-Egern.  Comments concerning timetable for going home.  Extended comments concerning Plotkin's possibility of taking a position with The Joint Distribution Committee.  Comments concerning Plotkin's good fortune during the war and times when he was almost injured.  Desire to start the book drive for displaced persons.
  30. 1945, Abe Plotkin, Yom Kippur in Munich 1945.  Plotkin recounts his experience of the 1945 Yom Kippur service in Munich including his efforts to prevent a Jewish couple from being evicted by their German landlords.
  31. October 29, 1945 Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Rottach-Egern.  Comments concerning a long discussion that he had concerning Italy, Mussolini, and Italy's political future with Miriam Blanc, daughter of a finance minister. Comments concerning a conversation with a C&C?? man concerning conditions in Italy who was the son of Ullrich Von Hassell ambassador for Germany to Italy.
  32. October 30, 1945 Mrs. Jacobs Shatz, National Chairman Clothing Relief Committee for Overseas Relief Supplies to Plotkin.  Comments on clothing drive.
  33. November 5, 1945, Joint Distribution Committee notification to Mr. M. A. Todes concerning information about his sister in Bavaria. 
  34. November 7, 1945 Frank Weil to Plotkin.  Response to a letter from Plotkin considering needs of displaced persons.
  35. (35-36) November 14, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Rottach-Egern.  Plotkin's account of attending a local East European Jewish wedding where participants recounted their experiences during the war.  (Both manuscript and type copy.)
  36. See Above
  37. November 17, 1945, Abe Plotkin to Joe Plotkin, Rottach-Egern. Plotkin expecting to leave for home in the near future.
  38. November 20, 1945, Mrs. H. Mintz to Abe Plotkin.  Thank you letter to Plotkin for locating her brother and putting them in contact.
  39. January 14, 1946, Chaplain Max Wall to Abe Plotkin.  Acknowledgement of receipt of a letter and that packages are still arriving.
  40. August 15, 1946, Lina Levitan Mintz to Abe Plotkin. Comments concerning cousin and wife in Germany and attempts to bring cousin to the U.S. in light of the American family's difficult situation.
  41. December 26, 1994, Magda Morgenstern to Mort Horvitz. A brief recount of the camps she had been in and how she escaped and then discovered by American soldiers.
  42. Undated comments concerning Catholic and Protestant chaplain's who conducted services for Jewish soldiers.  Comments concerning the non-fraternization rule and Plotkin's nonobservance of it when displaced persons were involved.  Comments concerning 1945 Passover and his meeting with a young couple released from concentration camp who had only a trace of Jewish blood in the background.

Folder 2--WWII Photographs
Item List

  1. Niusia and Michael Presmann
  2. Abe Plotkin and Lucille
  3. Nazi Guard killed in Ohrdruff
  4. Oven's for cremating at Dachau
  5. Oven's for cremating at Dachau
  6. Executed inmates at Ohrdruf Concentration Camp
  7. Executed inmates at Ohrdruf Concentration Camp
  8. Joseph Schleifstein with his father
  9. Joseph Schleifstein was also called Benyomin of Buchenwld
  10. Displaced persons at the Freimann
  11. Leizar Rosenzweig displaced person
  12. Abe Plotkin with Chaplain Abraham Clausner
  13. Abe Plotkin with Nicol Kriser and Yankel Levine
  14. Rows of dead inmates at Ohrdruf Concentration Camp
  15. Rows of dead inmates at Ohrdruf Concentration Camp
  16. Flak Caserne, Freimann
  17. Ohrdruf
  18. Ohrdruf- barbed wire
  19. Ohrdruf- gallows
  20. Chaplain Abraham Clausner
  21. Fanel Berkman, head of committee of Liberated Jews in Bavazia and Lilienthal, and friend at Deutches Museum
  22. Human Ashes- Bones, Dachau
  23. Jacob Feigin, "Jewish Voice"
  24. Feigin, Mrs. Brown, Chaplain Clausner, Yankel Lenine, Nicol Krisger, Schwareman
  25. With Greek-Jewish D. P.'s
  26. Adk Marian Puczyc and wife
  27. Mrs. Berkman, Math, Mrs. Brown
  28. Zalmon Mintz, Shavel, Lith
  29. Munich- Rosa Hashonah, Sept. 1945
  30. Jewesses Born in Munich
  31. Plotkin with Chaplain Dicker
  32. Chaplain Herman Dicker
  33. Chaplain Leland Friedenburg and Plotkin
  34. WWII Victory Celebration 1945 at Linz. Sidney Waltzer, Abe Plotkin, Dan Gordon, Rev. Leland Friedenburg
  35. Plotkin helping a Slavic woman who became a servant in a German household.
  36. Abe Plotkin
  37. Abe Plotkin at Bad Tolz Sept 1945
  38. Abe Plotkin with war hero, Alvin Ungeleider
  39. Abe Plotkin with Elizabeth Blackledge, 1990s, presenting a student poster to Plotkin "Let No One Forget"
  40. Remains Jewish Cemetery- Hoof, Germany
  41. Picture of 4 photos (all listed above)
  42. Dachau inmates cheer 7th U.S. Army liberators

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