Woman presenting her research

Research Seminar Series

The Research Seminar Series was established to meet the need for a time and place for faculty and staff research information exchange. It began with our first research presentation on February 4, 2005. In its essence, the series is intended to build community and collegiality by setting the venue for you to communicate to others just what you do. It's casual and fun: a great way to relax, meet faculty from various disciplines and get a good feel for the University community at its best. We hope you'll join us!

2015-2016 was packed with great presentations! Special thanks goes out to all those who presented and to all those who attended. We would also like to thank Dr. Declan Mulhall, who acts as the faculty coordinator for this series.

Spring 2018 Seminar Series Schedule:

All presentations are held from 3:10pm to 4:30pm

02/16/2018:  DARWIN DAY, Dr. Janice Voltzow, Organizer - Location:   BRN 509

02/23/2018:  Prof. George Aulisio, Library - Location:   BRN 509

03/02/2018:  Dr. Anne Royer, Biology Department - Location:   TDC 405

03/23/2018:  Dr. Matthew Meyer, Philosophy Department - Location:   TDC 405

04/06/2018:  Dr. Christos Pargianas, Economics & Finance Department - Location:  BRN 509

04/20/2018:  EARTH DAY, Dr. Jessica Nolan, Organizer - Location:  TDC 405

04/27/2018:  Dr. Joel Kemp, Theology Department - Location:  TDC 405

05/04/2018:  Dr. Christopher Howey, Biology Department - LSC 233

Want To Present?

The series runs Fridays from 3:10pm to 4:30pm. Approximately 16 events are held per academic year, with about 30 participants at each event. The ORSP staff appreciates your support! Don't miss these valuable opportunities to learn what others are doing on campus as well as share your own ideas!

We're always interested in your research! Please contact Dr. Declan Mulhall at declan.mulhall@scranton.edu or Dr. Tabbi Miller-Scandle at tabbi.miller-scandle@scranton.edu.