Ann A. Pang-White, Ph.D.



This award is given to a faculty member who has demonstrated noteworthy academic leadership in integrating international issues/perspectives into the curriculum and through whose efforts, students have acquired the competencies, attributes and insights required to meaningfully and successfully participate in an increasingly interdependent world. Dr. Ann Pang-White, through extensive publications, grants and mentorship has become a leader in her field of Philosophy.  At the University, she guided the Asian Studies Program to receive the 2011 Pennsylvania Council for International Education “Bringing the Works to Pennsylvania, K-16 Collaborative Award”, and she currently serves as the Deputy Director of the North American International Society for Chinese Philosophy. She supports the University and the local community through multiple successful grants of almost $300,000 for global initiatives that support students, faculty, and the community for co-curricular cultural and language programs. With numerous scholarly publications including books, journal articles, and presentations, she is among the top scholarly writers at the University and one of the most recognized in the global arena.


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