E. Springs Steele, Ph.D.

E. Springs Steele, Ph.D.jpg

Dr. Steele was named a faculty specialist in the Theology and Religious Studies Department. He is returning to the University after spending eight years as a vice president and associate provost at Saint Joseph’s University. Dr. Steele served for nearly 30 years at The University of Scranton as a professor of theology and religious studies, department chair, director of the Center for Mission Reflection and associate provost. At Scranton, he received the Provost’s Excellence Award for University Service and Leadership, the John L. Earl III Distinguished Service Award, the first annual Teacher of the Year Award (voted by the 1997 senior class), the Case Professor of the Year for 1997 and the Alpha Sigma Nu Teaching Award in 1983. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theology, a master’s in biblical studies and a doctorate in biblical studies, all from the University of Notre Dame.           

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