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Freshman Seminar Curriculum Proposal

Following are the documents associated with the Provost's proposal for a revised freshman seminar.  This proposal was part of a plan to revise the general education curriculum and reduce the minimum credit requirement for graduation from 130 to 120, setting aside 60 credits for general education.  This was initially proposed by the Provost in a letter to the faculty Senate dated November 13, 2009:  Provost's Draft Curriculum Proposal

Additionally, the Provost proposed the following learning outcomes for the new Freshman Seminar:  Proposal Learning Outcomes

Subsequently, the Faculty Senate formed an Ad Hoc Committee on the Provost's proposal and submitted a Preliminary Report to the Faculty Senate on April 16, 2010:  Preliminary Report to Faculty Senate

In September 2010, in response to the Faculty Senate's report, the Provost issued his own response:  Response to Faculty Senate.  He also issued a Faculty Senate report in which he introduced his final, formal proposal.  Following is an excerpt from the Faculty Senate report, excerpt followed by the formal proposal which was included as an addendum to the Senate Report:  Formal Proposal 9-17-2010.

Additional files related to the Freshman Seminar Proposal:

Proposed Curriculum Grid

Sum of Jesuit College and University Graduation and Core Hours

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