First Year Seminar: Learning Outcome

The following is agreed upon by the Faculty Senate and the Provost:

A first year seminar will:

  • Address academic subject matter in a discussion-based format at a level appropriate for a 3 credit course.
  • Introduce the student to the ideals of Ignatian Identity and the mission of the University of Scranton.
  • Address academically important transitional issues, e.g. Academic integrity, time management etc.
  • Foster a mentoring relationship between instructor and students.
  • Introduce students to the "life of the mind" at the university through external campus events, e.g. Passport.

An ideal first year seminar may also:

  • Advance student achievement of Eloquentia Perfecta.
  • Be delivered in an interdisciplinary fashion.
  • Incorporate service learning components.
  • Recognize a variety of perspectives from differing disciplines.
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