Edmund M. Kosmahl, PT, EdD


    1. Definition - measuring the available range of motion or the position of a joint - typically this is a measure of PASSIVE motion. If you are documenting active range of motion, document that this is so.
    2. for clarity of communication measure one direction at a time (e.g. elbow flexion = 130o, not elbow flexion/extension 130o/0o)
    1. position joint in zero position and stabilize proximal joint component
    2. move joint to end of range of motion (to assess quality of movement)
    3. determine end-feel at point where measurement will be taken ( at end of available range of motion)
    4. identify and palpate bony landmarks
    5. align goniometer with bony landmarks while holding joint at end of range
    6. read the goniometer
    7. record measurement (e.g. elbow flexion = 130o)

    copyright 1999 E. Kosmahl