School Counseling Program Course Sequencing Grid

COUN Course Title Summer Fall Intersession Spring
501 Counseling and Interviewing Skills X X   X
502 Counseling Theories   X   X
503 Group Process and Practice X X X
506 Social and Cultural Issues X X   X
508 Developmental Psychology X   X X
511 Counseling Children   X    
530 Professional Issues: SC   X    
533/4  Secondary/Elementary School Counseling Program Planning
(Prerequisite- COUN503)
535 School Counseling Research and Accountability
(Prerequisite- COUN536)
536 Appraisal Techniques for School Counselors   X    
537 Career Development in Schools    X    
538 Systemic Leadership and Advocacy       X
539 Coordination and Collaboration       X
570 Counseling Adolescents   X    
592 Practicum: Secondary SC
Prerequisites- COUN501, 502, 503, 536)
  X   X
593 Practicum: Elementary SC
Prerequisites- COUN501, 502, 503, 536)
  X   X
597 Internship: Secondary SC
(Prerequisite- COUN592 or 593)
  X   X
598 Internship: Elementary SC
(Prerequisite- COUN592 or 593)
  X   X
540 Family Counseling   X   X
542 Family Violence     X  
560 Addictive Behaviors   X    
561 Substance Abuse Prevention and Education       X
562 Issues in Substance Abuse       X
563 Crisis Intervention   X    
565 Psychiatric Disorders       X
511/70 Counseling Children or Adolescents   X    
  Additional elective courses are available. Check the current semester schedule in CHS and the Education Department        

Note: Fall and Spring schedules are predictable; flexibility and variation occurs in summer and intersession courses.

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