ANGEL Student Data

Course content from ANGEL will copy over to D2L. However, ANGEL student data will not. We suggest that you backup all grade book, discussion, and dropbox submission data prior to May 31, 2014.

Back up student grades:

  • Navigate to the ANGEL Manage tab of each course,
  • Gradebook => Overall Report => Save as PDF or,
  • Gradebook => Export Grades to save as a comma delimited file.

Back up discussion forums:

  • Navigate to the ANGEL Communicate tab of each course,
  • Click on a forum,
  • Select Nested View in drop down menu next to New Post,
  • Click [+] in front of Post Title to turn it into [-],
  • Click the printer icon at top right,
  • Select a pdf printer to save your discussion forum in pdf format.

Back up dropbox submissions:

  • Navigate to the ANGEL Lessons tab of each course,
  • Locate a droppbox,
  • Mouse over the dropbox title and click Submissions,
  • Click on Download Submissions,
  • Select All Submissions from the drop down menu,
  • Click Download to save a zip folder to your computer.