ANGEL Course Tweaks

The conversion tool is robust and performs well; it transfers all course content from ANGEL to D2L. However, in order to ease the transition from ANGEL to D2L, we suggest that you perform the following steps in your ANGEL courses prior to the conversion dates:

  • Nest all content in folders under the lessons tab,
  • Save all of your original syllabus files in .doc and .pdf,
  • Eliminate any unnecessary syllabus files from syllabus files area. D2L will only migrate any file in the ANGEL syllabus files area with the word syllabus in it. Therefore, if you want a specific file to migrate over, add "syllabus" to the filename in the ANGEL syllabus files area.
  • Label all content explicitly, e.g. "Drop Box - Assignment for Week 1", "Quiz - The Battle of Gettysburg", Discussion Forum - Global Finance". This will enable you to more easily make any needed changes in navigation or organization, and to configure your gradebook in D2L.   
  • Save subtitles in content items in a text document OR move to the Description area for each content item. Content item subtitles will not migrate over to D2L,
  • Move/copy all LOR content back to the course.