president's fellowships

      International-business majors Mark R. Grambo ’12 and Jan Wessel, a senior majoring in international business, were awarded President’s Fellowships for Summer Research in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

    Mr. Grambo’s fellowship proposal in the area of greenwashing, ethics and U.S. ecotourism led to a study, “Examining the Extent of Greenwashing in Florida’s Ecotourism Sector,” jointly authored with Dr. Trussler, which was presented at the International Academy of Business and Public Affairs Disciplines in Orlando in January and published in the proceedings of that conference, as well as being the focus of a presentation at the University’s Student Scholarship Day in May.

    Mr. Wessell and Dr. Trussler are currently working jointly on his fellowship research, entitled “China’s Automobile Industry: Sustainability and End of Life Vehicles (ELV).”  “The People’s Republic of China – the world’s fastest growing economy, has gone from a nation of bicycle riders with very few private vehicles, to the world’s largest auto market, with over 18 million vehicles sold last year, a staggering 13.7 million of which were private passenger cars,” Mr. Wessel explains.  “With many of the auto manufacturers in China coming from nations with well-established government policies on sustainability and ELV recycling, the question arises as to whether these firms are adhering to the standards of their home countries, or are they taking advantage of China’s less stringent legal system? I will take the approach of examining this burgeoning issue from the international business perspective by first looking for differences among the manufacturers by home country and type of investment, and second looking for regional disparities of ELV recycling and reuse within China.”
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