Electronic Commerce Major

Electronic Commerce Major

Electronic Commerce is an emerging business environment that automates and coordinates critical business processes between an organization and its suppliers, trading partners and customers through the extensive use of computers and communication technologies, computerized data and secured World Wide Web.  Some of the critical processes are buying and selling of products and services, order taking and credit processing, fulfillment and payment, order status tracking and customer support services.  The technologies to be studied are computers, software, databases, telecommunications, the Internet, and the World Wide Web among others.  The capabilities of these technologies to support business activities with their long and short-term costs, risks and other business implications are emphasized.

The major in Electronic Commerce requires eight courses beyond the general education and business core courses and must include four required courses as follows:

and any four of the following: 

The major will take a management perspective on the utilization of electronic commerce technologies and will provide an opportunity for practical experience in the development of an electronic commerce site and its applications.

Electronic Commerce Minor:

You can select courses that complement your major, which will greatly enhance the value of your degree.  The minor consists of six three-credit courses.

A minor in Electronic Commerce requires six courses (18 credits) and must include: 

and any three of the following (that are not part of the EC or OM major): 

The minor in Electronic Commerce for business majors will greatly enhance the value of their degree.  It will enable students to supplement the knowledge gained in their major and will help with greater employment prospects and improved opportunities for future career growth.  Non-business students will also benefit from this minor by broadening their skills to obtain meaningful employment in the growing digital economy.