Professional Development Passport Program

The Kania Professional Development Passport Program is a mandatory non-academic curriculum that focuses on experiences which complement academic preparation as part of a holistic and systematic approach to professional development.  The program sets expectations for student participation and provides a consistent degree of training and preparation to give students an edge in career preparation.

Each year of the program is assigned a different theme appropriate to student development:  Awareness, Skill Development, Action Planning, and Implementation/Transition, respectively.  Seminars and workshops given by business professionals, alumni, and faculty touch on various topics that relate to the students' professional development.  Each time a student participates in a passport activity, it is recorded in the individual's passport and professional development transcript. The administrative duties of the Professional Development Passport Program are overseen by the Kania School of Management Academic Advising Center and the Assistant Dean. 

For more information on the Kania Professional Development Passport Program, please contact the Kania School of Management Academic Advising Center at 570-941-6100.