Adding a New Achievement Exercise

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  1. Click the Achievement tab.  The Achievement Exercises page appears with a list of Achievement Exercises to which you have access.


  2. Click the Add New Achievement Exercise link in the toolbar. The Add New Achievement Exercise page (step 1) appears:


  3. Type a Title for your achievement exercise.
  4. Type a Description for your achievement exercise.
  5. Click the Next button to open the Rubric Setup page:


  6. Click the Add New Scale link to enter a scale value.
  7. Click the Save button and continue entering values until your scale is complete.
  8. Click the Add New Goal link to enter a goal. Follow the same steps as for the scale.
  9. Click the Add New Criterion link to enter the criteria needed to meet each goal for a given scale. Follow the same steps as above to complete your rubric.
  10. Once you're happy with your rubric, click the Next button to open the Access page.
  11. Choose whether the achievement exercise is an institutional, personal, or course, and click the Finish button.

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