Managing Gradebook Categories

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  1. Click the Manage tab from your ANGEL Homepage.
  2. Once inside, click Gradebook located in the Course Management nugget.

  3. g

  4. Click on the Categories link under the Setup Tasks section.

  5. c

  6. From this page you can add new categories to your gradebook such as Test, Quizzes, Attendance, and Finals.
  7. When you add a new category you can select options for the category.
  8. To weight a category, type in what percentage of the final grade it should be (do not inlude a % sign). Make sure auto-calculate is unchecked when weighting.

  9. w

  10. To drop a certain amount of low grades, check the option Drop lowest ,then type the number you wish to have dropped.

  11. d

  12. To only count the highest grades, check the option Use highest ,then type the number you wish to keep.

  13. u

  14. Click Save to save the category.
  15. Once categories have been added, you can select categories to edit or delete.

  16. ch
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