Granting Course Access to your Personal Repository

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  1. Log into ANGEL, then click the Learning Object Repository button on the left, or the link entitled Personal: Your Name in the Repositories nugget.

    lor or lor2

  2. Once inside the repository, click the Manage tab.


  3. Click on Course and Group Access in the Repository Access nugget.


  4. On the left you will see current associations between courses and repositories (if any).You will add associations on the right.
  5. Click My Courses under the heading entitled Add Associations From:


  6. You will be presented with a new area listing all courses you are enrolled in.
  7. Click the check-box next to the course(s) you would like to grant access to, then click Add Selected .

    My Courses

  8. Your new associations will now appear to the left.
  9. Once you have granted access, click Exit and you will be brought back to your Management Console.
    Note: It will be necessary to repeat this process for all new courses that are created.

For further assistance with ANGEL, please contact Brian Snapp or Aileen McHale to schedule an appointment for one-on-one assistance.

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