Grading Drop Box Submissions With a Rubric

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*NOTE: You must have a Grading Rubric created AND applied to the Drop Box before completing this tutorial! See the Creating a Grading Rubric and Applying a Rubric to Drop Box tutorials for assistance.

  1. Click the course containing the drop box you want to grade submissions with using a Grading Rubric from your ANGEL Homepage.
  2. Once inside the course, click the Lessons tab located at the top of the page.

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  4. Navigate to the drop box containing the submissions you would like to grade.
  5. Hover the cursor over the drop box, then click Submissions when it appears.

  6. Once inside the Submission Utilities Menu, click View, Grade or Delete Submissions.

  7. Click Grade next to the name of the student who's submission you wish to grade.

  8. On this page, click Use Grading Rubric and your rubric will display, allowing you to enter scores per category.

  9. Enter scores for each category, then click Save when satisfied.

  10. Add optional Remarks if desired, then click OK. You will be brought back to the listing of Submissions for the dropbox.

Student View of Rubrics

  1. Students can view the rubric before submitting assignments in order to see the level of achievements set by instructors by clicking on the View Grading Rubric link below the Submit button.

  2. Students can view the rubric after submission of assignments to see their scores in the rubric by clicking on the View Rubric Scores link in the table.

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