Creating a Wiki in ANGEL

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  1. Click on your course.
  2. Once inside the course, click on Lessons the select add content.
  3. Click on Wiki in the second column of the first selection set.

  4. create wiki

  5. Click on the button labeled Wiki, to create a Wiki.
  6. When creating a wiki, simply add a title. Other settings such as preventing access, and grading are not always needed.
  7. Once the Wiki is created, you will be prompted to create you first entry. This is where you will provide your content, content title, and wiki tags. Double-click on the post to begin.

  8. test wiki

    After you have created your wiki. It will become the top post on your screen. You can close it or all other posts by hovering over the top-right corner of the post and clicking close or close others.

  9. To create a new post, click on New Entry . This is where your first post can be edited.
  10. Type in a new title for your post.
  11. Type in content into the largest section.
  12. Then type in tags, separate words with spaces or double brackets as shown below. Tags are key words that describe what is in your content and title section. These key words make searching for a post much easier.
  13. When finished creating a post, hover over the top-right part of the post and click save.
  14. new entry
  15. Tags associated with the wiki articles will be stored for easy searching on the right-hand sidebar.


  16. To view all of your posts in chronological order go to the timeline, located in the same section as tags. Click on the desired post and it will appear at the top of your post list on the left side of your screen.


  17. The navigation bar on the right side of you screen will be the key tool used by students. It is important that you name and tag your posts as best as you can so that students can easily browse and find material.

For further assistance with ANGEL, please contact Brian Snapp or Aileen McHale to schedule an appointment for one-on-one assistance.

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