Connecting a Drop Box to the Gradebook

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  1. Click the course containing the drop box from your ANGEL Homepage.

  2. Once inside the course, click the Lessons tab located at the top of the page.

  3. Click on the settings link under the Drop Box you would like connected to the gradebook.*The 'settings' link will only appear when your cursor is over the drop box.*


  4. Click the Advanced radio button to view all options.


  5. Click on the Assignment tab.


  6. Click the drop-down list labeled Assignment in the Gradebook Settings area.

  7. Choose an assignment from the list or create a new assignment. Note: Assignments on the list are indented, Categories are not.

  8. To create a new assignment, select New Assignment from the list.

    New Assignment

  9. Enter a Title for the assignment.

  10. Choose a category to associate the assignment with from the new drop-down list, or click Other to create a new category.

  11. If you click Other, you will be presented with a new window, from which you can enter a new Category. Enter a Title for the category, then click Add.

    New Category

  12. Click Save, and you will be brought back to the Lessons area.

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