Allowing Students to Share Documents

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  1. Select the class you wish to have students share files.
  2. Click the Manage tab.

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  4. Click Teams in the Course Management Nugget.

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  6. Click Add A Team from the top menu.

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  8. Enter a Name for the team.
  9. In the field for File Sharing choose Enabled from the drop down menu.

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  11. Click save
  12. Add the Team Members you want to be able to share documents with by putting a checkmark in the check box.
  13. Click Add Selected. Click Done.
  14. Click Exit Teams Editor.
  15. To access the folder that has been setup for File Sharing, click the Communicate tab.
  16. From the Team Files Nugget, click on the name of the Team you created.

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  18. Click Add Content to add files to this folder for all members to see.

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