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ANGEL 7.4 provides new tools to integrate web-based rich media content to create more engaging and interactive teaching and learning experiences.
Note: Google Chrome may cause problems while using the Rich Media Editor, for best results use an alternative browser.
  1. Click the course you want to add rich media content to from your ANGEL Homepage.
  2. Click the Lessons tab located at the top of the page.
  3. Click on Add Content, which is located below the heading entitled, Lessons.


  4. *NOTE: Most content items will allow you to add rich media. For this tutorial, we will create a Page.

  5. Click on Page.


  6. You will add rich media in your description, in this case located under Page Text.
  7. If you do not see the WYSIWYG editor, click the down-arrow on the left hand side.


  8. Once the toolbar is visible, click the down-arrow next to the blue "G" icon.


  9. We will choose Google™ Media for this tutorial, but you may add an image or other media from your personal computer by selecting the other options.
    *The Google™ Media option allows you to add videos from YouTube™ or images from Picasa™.
  10. In the new dialog box, enter your search query and press Go. Relevant videos from YouTube™ will appear below.


    *NOTE: Clicking between the YouTube™ and Picasa™ tabs above will switch between video and image results, respectively.

  11. Choose to either Embed or Link (Link will not work for YouTube videos) to the desired media item.


  12. Once you click Embed or Link, you will be brought back to your content item (in this case, our Page). The media item you chose will appear in the text area.
  13. When you are finished with your content item, click save, and you will be taken back to Lessons to view your page.

For further assistance with ANGEL, please contact Brian Snapp or Aileen McHale to schedule an appointment for one-on-one assistance.

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