Manually Adding an Item to the Gradebook

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    You may want to manually add an Assignment to your Gradebook that is not a Content Item under Lessons. For example, you may want an Assignment/Column in your Gradebook where you can manually enter a grade for participation.

  1. Click the course you want to add a gradebook item to from the ANGEL Homepage.

  2. Once inside the course, click the Manage tab located at the top of the page.

  3. Click on Gradebook, which is located below the heading entitled, Course Management.

  4. Before creating an Assignment/Column in the Gradebook, you have to first create a Category to associate the Assignment with.

  5. Click on Categories under the heading entitled, Setup Tasks.

    Click Categories

  6. Create a Title for the Category, i.e. Participation. Note: The word "Overall" will be appended to the Category name. If you are using weighting in your Gradebook, enter the Weight for this Category.

    Create a Title and if needed; set a weight for the Category

  7. Click Add Item, located to the right of Percent Overall, to successfully add your Category and click Done to go back to your Gradebook page.

  8. Click on Assignments under the heading entitled, Setup Tasks.

  9. Once in the Assignment Editor box, create a Title for the Assignment/Column, i.e. Participation.

  10. Choose the Category that you want this Assignment/Column associated with, i.e. Participation Category previously created.

  11. Enter the number of Points for this Assignment/Column.

    Create a Title, choose a Category, and set the number of points for your Assignment/Column

  12. Click Add Item to add the new Assignment/Column to the Gradebook.

    Click Add Item

  13. Click Done to return to the Gradebook page. The Item is now linked to the Gradebook.

  14. Note: To enter grades for this new Assignment/Column, choose the Grade Entry Grid under the Manage Tab

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