Adding Content to Your Personal Repository

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  1. Log into ANGEL, then click the Learning Object Repository button on the left, or the link titled Personal: Your Name in the Repositories nugget.

    lor or lor2

  2. Once inside the repository, click Add Content.

    Add Content to your Learning Object Repository

  3. At this point, you may want to determine the structure of your content. For example, you may want to create a folder with the the course name, ex.) MATH142. Inside this folder, you may want to create additional folders to further organize content, ex.)PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Assignments, etc.

  4. Follow the normal procedure of adding content. *See the Content Areas tutorials for help with adding content. Please note, however, that under the Assignment Tab there are options for Submission Visibility & Grading for both Submission Data & Grading of Submission You can now choose to have the results of these visible in both the Course and the Repository. *These settings are only applicable when you Link your content items to your course.

    Submission Visibility & Grading

  5. After adding content, you will be brought back to your Repository to view your newly added content.

  6. Once you've created content items in your Repository, you can follow the steps in one of the following Tutorials to Link or Copy the content items to your Course: Accessing Content from your Personal Repository from Within a Course | Attaching a Content Item from the Personal Repository to your Course.

For further assistance with ANGEL, please contact Brian Snapp or Aileen McHale to schedule an appointment for one-on-one assistance.

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