Accessing and Grading Student Submissions

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  1. Click the course you want to access or grade submissions from your ANGEL Homepage.
  2. Once inside the course, click the Lessons tab located at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the submissions link under the assignment you would like to view or grade*The 'submissions' link will only appear when your cursor is over the assignment.*

  4. u

  5. Click on View, Grade or Delete Submissions from the submissions menu.

  6. v

  7. To view a submission from a student, click the View button. To return to the submissions after viewing, click the continue button.

  8. vg

  9. To grade a submission from a student, click the Grade button.

  10. fg

  11. Add the grade in the box labeled Score, and add an optional comment.

  12. s

  13. Click save, and you will be brought back to Submissions section.

Assessment Configuration Suggestions

For further assistance with ANGEL, please contact Brian Snapp or Aileen McHale to schedule an appointment for one-on-one assistance.

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