Writing Consultant Application

Writing Consultant Employment Application

Your Information

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Your Experience

Have you taken any of the following courses?
WRTG 107 Yes; No
INT 117 Yes; No
PHIL 217J Yes; No

If No, indicate what test you may have taken to opt out of the courses listed above:

Please indicate any other courses you have taken which you feel are relevant to working as a student writing consultant.

Please describe any teaching, tutoring, or other relevant experiences you have had.

Total number of hours you will be available to work as a student writing consultant per week (maximum 20 hrs/week).

List the Days/Times you are available to work as a Writing Consultant.

List your academic commitments for the year (i.e. number of credits, incompletes, honors, research).

List your non-academic commitments for the year (i.e. other jobs, clubs, volunteer work, sports).

What are three necessary qualities to be a good writing consultant?

Why would you be a good candidate for hire?

Your Writing Samples

Submit at least two revised writing samples that reflect your best work. One should be a properly documented academic essay. The second can be a writing sample of your choice, including another academic essay.

Please provide whatever information you feel would help to establish the rhetorical context of your submissions. Be sure to include at least the following.

  • Audience
  • Purpose
  • Documentation style

You can send these documents as MS Word attachments to Writing Center or submit them in person or through Campus Mail.

Jim Muniz
Writing Center Coordinator

Your Recommendations

Please name three Professors familiar with your writing whom the CTLE Staff may contact for recommendations. (List the most recent course(s) completed first). Note: You should always ask permission before submitting a person's name as a reference.

Course Completed
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition