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stack of books80% of study time is spent in reading. Study reading must be efficient, purposeful, and active. If you spend 80% of your time in activity that lacks effectiveness and efficiency, you can waste the time you need to be successful.


I can read. Why do I need reading services?

University textbooks require reading skills that are quite sophisticated. Because of the amount of work required at university level, students have to develop good study skills. For this reason, the CTLE offers reading services through a Reading Specialist.

What kind of reading services will assist me?

We offer:

  • Reading evaluations
  • Evaluation of study strategies
  • Active reading techniques
  • Strategies for test taking
  • Planning active study
  • Academic coaching
  • Action plans for success

Stop by the CTLE to decide which services would increase your chances of success. Academic success does not “happen.” Academic success is something the student makes “happen.”

Often when I read a page of text, I have no idea what I have read when I finish. Does this indicate a problem with reading?

No! The brain is a powerful instrument that can process information much more quickly than we can read. When we just read text, it takes very little of our brain’s “power.” We have to use active reading techniques that increase the brain’s involvement in the task. These techniques also improve memory and recall.

I can study for hours, and it seems to have no effect. What am I doing wrong?

We need to discuss your study strategies to fully understand why your study lacks effectiveness. However, students need to use active study techniques and active reading to be effective. Students also need to monitor their ability to concentrate during study. During part of your study time, your concentration may be lacking, and you have to account for that. Effective study requires planning, active techniques, effective time management, and constant monitoring of the process.

At this point, can my reading be improved?

Yes! Reading is a skill, and all skills can be improved with practice. Improvement requires knowledge of what must be improved and a commitment of time needed for practice. This process can begin with a visit to the Reading Specialist.

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