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80% of study time is spent in reading. Study reading must be efficient, purposeful, and active. If you spend 80% of your time in activity that lacks effectiveness and efficiency, you can waste the time you need to be successful.

I can read. Why do I need reading services?

Now that you’re in college, you’re reading much more than you ever did in high school.  You’re tackling unfamiliar subjects and being asked to work with the material on an advanced analytical level.  This is a tough transition!  You’ll need some strategies that will help you to learn quickly and efficiently.  The CTLE’s Reading Specialist can help

What kind of reading services will assist me?

The CTLE’s Reading Specialist offers individual consultations with students.  Christina Lenway will talk with you about the courses you’re taking and the preparation for college reading that you’ve had.  Together, you’ll create an action plan that will help you be more successful with your studies!

When you meet with Christina Lenway, you’ll receive:  

  • Evaluation of study strategies
  • Active reading techniques
  • Strategies for test taking
  • Planning active study
  • Academic coaching
  • Action plans for success

Stop by the CTLE to decide which services would increase your chances of success. Academic success does not “happen.” Academic success is something the student makes “happen.”

Often when I read a page of text, I have no idea what I have read when I finish. Does this indicate a problem with my reading?

No! The brain is a powerful instrument that can process information much more quickly than we can read. When we just read text, it takes very little of our brain’s “power.” We have to use active reading techniques that increase the brain’s involvement in the task. These techniques also improve memory and recall.

I can study for hours, and it seems to have no effect. What am I doing wrong?

Your frustration is understandable.  Let’s discuss your current study strategies and see how to enhance them for better productivity.  Sometimes, using a new or different reading technique can make all the difference!  

At this point, can my reading be improved?

Yes! Reading is a skill, and all skills can be improved with practice. What you’ll need is a commitment to improve your reading, and some strategies to help you succeed. Begin your journey to reading success with a visit to the CTLE’s Reading Specialist!

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