Superintendent Letter of Eligibility

For questions about this program, please contact the Education Department at 570-941-7421.

This program is designed to develop superintendents and assistant superintendents competent to plan, monitor, and evaluate activities based upon many roles.  The goal of the program is not that participants be experts in all areas but rather that they be competent to provide leadership and to be accountable for school wide operations.  Courses and experiences emphasize that education is a human process requiring group support and involvement if administratration is to be successful.

The program is available through the Angel format offered on The University of Scranton Website.  All assignments, discussion boards, and submission of work are provided through the 24/7 Website connection.  Students are assigned a University mentor who was a former superintendent who helps guide students through the program.

Admission Requirements

  • Possess a Master's degree with a GPA of 3.5
  • Have three years professional experience as a school administrator/supervisor
  • Submit an application which includes a resume, educational background, work experience, references.  Admission is on a rolling basis.
  • Hold or be eligible for a Pennsylvania elementary/secondary principal or supervisory certificate.
  • Submit a statement of purpose for enrolling.

Required Courses

  • EADM 601  Personal Management for Educators
  • EADM 606  School Plant Management
  • EADM 611  School and Community Relations
  • EADM 616  Seminar in Advanced School Finance
  • EADM 621  Seminar in Advanced School Law
  • ESPC 501   Inclusionary Classroom Practices
  • EADM 626  Superintendent's Role:  Seminar and Internship (Requires on-site visits from the University supervisor for the course)