Financing Your Graduate Education


Tuition Policy for Senior Citizens

Persons 60 years of age and older may audit courses at The University of Scranton at no tuition charge, on a space-available basis. Such persons may take courses for credit at 50% tuition.

These reductions are applicable only after the person has applied for and receives any form of financial assistance normally available, e.g., state and federal assistance and employer reimbursement. Fees and other costs of courses, e.g., textbooks, are assessed at the normal rate in all cases.

Students must be formally admitted into a Graduate Program in order to pursue graduate courses.

 This policy does not pertain to any of the following programs including: Accountancy Online, Business Administration Online, Business Administration/ Health Administration Online, Education Online, Finance Online, Health Administration Online, Health Informatics Online, Human Resources Online, Nurse Anesthesia, or tDPT.